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Our only business is helping you grow yours.

How it works

People of color are launching businesses at a rapid clip. However, due to numerous factors those businesses are not growing on pace with white-led firms. Founders of Color is exclusively committed to solving that problem and closing the business growth gap for good!

Founders of Color (FOC) is an online platform dedicated to connecting minority entrepreneurs with high-growth potential to the information, relationships and opportunities they need to scale quickly, while simultaneously connecting those looking to access minority founders with the data, information and support they need to navigate the minority entrepreneur landscape.

At FOC, we are not interested in reinventing the wheel, replicating or duplicating what others do well. Rather, we aspire to be the connective tissue that brings it all together and makes the pathway towards business growth more clear, while making the experience of being a minority entrepreneur a lot less lonely and painful.

If we get this right, they are going to write books about what we were able to achieve here, together. So, here we go.

Let’s GROW!

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